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The Mosquito Squad knew it was time for a better mosquito treatment in 2005. So, we invented the Protective Barrier Treatment and have helped over 300,000 families escape bites since. We specialize in Mosquito Control Barrier Protection, Automatic Misting Systems, Tick Control, and Pet Protection. Our tick and mosquito treatment services are designed to get you through bug season bite-free.

“Bye Bye Mosquitoes! The Mosquito Squad Team has been awesome. Every technician who has treated my yard has been very polite and top notch. It's worth every penny for me to be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about getting bit or contracting mosquito borne diseases. I'll gladly use them again next year.”

“Great set of employees. Wonderful service and an effective product.”
- Jim & Cathy H.

“The best in the business. Fast, friendly, efficient, courteous. Simply the best”
- Christopher C.

“I cant say enough about Mosquito Squad. They always let me know when they spray and how long it should dry before letting my dog out. Then the most important part is that I haven't had even one Mosquito bite.”

“Great service and the treatments allow us to enjoy our yard to the fullest!!”
- Loretta H.

“I love being able to enjoy my yard and deck throughout the Spring, Summer, & Fall without being concerned about getting eaten up by mosquitoes!”

“I recommend Mosquito Squad to everyone! I have been using them for 3 years. I started using Mosquito Squad because my daughter wanted to have her graduation party at home and I was so worried about space and wanted to use outside. We used Mosquito Squad and had no mosquito and had a great party!!! Thank you Mosquito Squad.”

“The treatment works great almost immediately. Our new backyard was almost unusable before mosquito squad due to the amount of mosquitoes. But now we can enjoy it and relax without getting bit!”
- Scott C.

“Two years ago we couldn't seat outside without being eaten up with mosquitos bites. We have been using mosquito squad and we can now enjoy out back and front yard”

“Very professional. Pointed out several ways that I was enhancing my mosquito problem. Very knowledgeable about the smallest details that that normally wouldn't be thought about. They were great!”

“reliable and dependable for 2 seasons. No issues at all”
- Jackie G.

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We are offering a special of an early Spring start where we will start the season with a treatment at no cost to stay ahead of those annoying pests.

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